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Natural History Reel 2018

BBC 2 Wild West Cattle Drive Sequence

4 Day shoot in the Sierra Foothills, telling the story of a traditional cattle drive from the lowlands to the high country. The interview was shot by my producer Will Lawson.

Spotted Owls

Spotted and Barred Owls for Rise of the Redwood Giants, produced by Red Rock Films for Nat Geo Wild. Filmed over 4 days in Northern California.

Side Blotched Lizards

Lizards filmed over 2 days in the field and 1 day in the lab/set. For Red Rock Films and Nat Geo Wild.

Lesser Prairie Chickens for

Short natural history piece about the endangered lesser prairie chicken in Oklahoma.

Produced by Days Edge Productions.

Bats and Lava Tubes

For Red Rock Films series on Nat Geo Wild. 3 days filming. 2 nights with the bats. IR filter on Red Dragon.

Banana Slugs

Banana Slug sequence for Red Rock Films series on Nat Geo Wild. 2 Days of filming, plus establishing shots.

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Short film shot for and Days Edge Productions. Contact me for licensing/rights usage.

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